7 Must-Haves for Last Minute Entertaining

Last week we found ourselves unexpectedly entertaining not once, but TWICE (including a visit from the BFs ex-wife). It reinforced my belief that every kitchen should be stocked with a few basics for quick and easy entertaining – at ALL times. Here are my suggestions for a few items you should always keep on hand. Stock your fridge and pantry now, that way when your phone rings and friends are in the neighborhood wanting to pop by for a visit, you’ll be ready to host in a jiffy. I know I would be mortified if friends showed up and I had nothing decent to offer them.

Also, you can buy all this and hold onto it for many months without worrying about anything spoiling.

1. Wine: a bottle of red and white, its always nice to give options

2. Beer: avoid the seasonal stuff (especially if you’re not a big beer drinker) so you’re not offering guests a Winter Warmer in June. I suggest Sam Adams light to please both guys and the ladies

3. Sparkling/flavored water: not everyone is always up for a cocktail so keep non-alcoholic options on hand

4. Crackers: skip the Ritz and go for the Pepperidge Farm variety pack, it’s a bit classier

5. Cheese: choose a medium-to-hard variety (Gouda, Jarlsberg,  Montery Jack, Colby, Cheddar) which can sit in your fridge (unopened) for up to 10 months

6. Olives: the nice olives you get from the deli in oil will last in your fridge for 2 – 3 months. Personally, I LOVE Kalamata olives, they’d never go to waste in my house

7. Nuts: I’m a HUGE fan of Emeralds Salt & Pepper cashews, but pistachios are nice too

Be sure you have a few tiny bowls and trays so you can nicely display all your snacks and you are on track for being a fabulous host/hostess.

easy entertaining


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  1. And for those low brow friends: Bud, maybe Bud Lite Lime – for a touch of class and Slim Jims. Cheetos are good too.

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